Kitty Scully and Colm O’ Driscoll at Delta Sensory Gardens

  • The Art of Harmony: Blending Edibles and Ornamentals

    Join us as renowned Irish horticulturists, Colm O’Driscoll and Kitty Scully deliver a practical workshop that focuses on transforming traditional garden spaces into productive edible landscapes without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. This engaging session provides useful tips on how to thoughtfully select and position vegetables to complement a garden’s current design and planting scheme.

    Learn how to select vegetable varieties that add colour, texture and structure, complementing ornamental plants in your beds, borders and containers and enhancing a garden’s visual appeal. Discover how the vibrant hues of beetroot leaves can enhance the rich greens of a lawn, or how a row of tall, elegant leeks can add structure and contrast alongside flowering perennials.

    Both renowned landscape gardeners, Kitty and Colm will guide you through the process of creating a garden space that is as beautiful as it is bountiful. This session is perfect for any gardener, beginner or advanced, looking to embrace the sustainability and satisfaction of growing their own food while maintaining the elegance of their garden design.

Date: 29 July 2024

Start Date: 29 July 2024

Start Time: 3:00 pm

End Date: 29 July 2024

End Time: 3:00 pm

Time: 3:00 pm

Admission: €10

Directions: R93 Y959. From Dublin/Waterford take Exit 4 on M9 motorway and follow signs for Carlow Town. Strawhall Estate is located off Cannery Road, the road which serves Netwatch Cullen Park GAA grounds on the outskirts of Carlow Town close to the Athy Road roundabout. Follow brown tourist signs.

Type of event: The talk takes place indoors. After its conclusion there is an opportunity to view Delta Sensory Gardens outdoors. Café Thyme at Delta Sensory Gardens offers breakfast and lunch right through to afternoon tea. The cafe is relaxing and spacious and provides a fine array of locally sourced produce, all freshly prepared on site. There is also a wide variety of local craft items on sale and plants in the on-site garden centre.

  • About Colm O’Driscoll

    A dedicated exponent of organic horticulture and craft gardening, Kildare-born Colm O’Driscoll spearheaded the transformation of the gardens in Airfield Estate in Dundrum from part building site to one of Ireland’s must-see gardens. Colm is now Head of Gardens in Lismore Castle Gardens.

    A graduate of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland Colm has enjoyed a diverse career gaining experience in many sectors of the horticultural industry including landscape, retail, nursery stock and organic food production. Colm strives to innovate and introduce new and exciting plants while adopting sustainable methodologies, an endeavour that is clearly seen in his regular contributions to The Irish Garden Magazine, and through his lectures and workshops. He currently fronts RTE’s Home Grown along with co-presenter Kitty Scully. Colm has an insatiable appetite for all things horticulture and he can regularly be found indulging in a busman’s holiday visiting various gardens.

  • About Kitty Scully

    Kitty Scully is a well-known organic gardener and local food advocate. Growing up on a mixed organic farm in County Laois, Kitty picked up a love of eating and growing good food at a young age. She nurtured this inherent passion with a formal horticultural education and by working on organic farms and gardens around the world. An MSc in Organic Horticulture is her highest paper accolade but her practical achievements go far beyond. Kitty has had a diverse career in horticulture to date – from managing a market garden for nuns in North Cork, to spearheading the evolution of the kitchen gardens in Airfield Estate; writing for national papers and co-presenting RTÉ garden shows, ‘ome Grown being her most recent. She currently writes for The Irish Garden Magazine, co-ordinates the Organic Growers of Ireland Network and is Head Grower on a private estate.


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