Fiann Ó’Nualláin at Delta Sensory Gardens

  • The Healing Power of the Garden

    Fiann, a renowned horticultural therapist and holistic gardener, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to this enlightening talk, where he explores how gardens can be sanctuaries for the mind, body and spirit.

    Simply being in a garden can significantly reduce cortisol and other stress markers. The vibrant colours, soothing aromas and the tactile experience of touching plants all play a crucial role in altering brain chemistry, promoting self-regulation and improving mood. Fiann explains how these sensory experiences contribute to mental well-being, providing a natural antidote to the stresses of modern life.

    Gardening is not just a feast for the senses; The act of gardening is a form of physical exercise that engages various muscle groups, promotes flexibility and enhances overall fitness. But the benefits don’t stop there. Gardening can foster a sense of accomplishment, boost self-esteem and provide a profound sense of connection to nature.

    Fiann will also delve into the world of herbs and healing plants, sharing insights into how these natural remedies can be incorporated into daily life to promote health and wellness. Each of Fiann’s talks concludes with a unique “safari plant” experience. This engaging finale invites participants to discover and connect with a particular plant, learning about its unique properties and how it can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

    Discover how the simple act of spending time in a garden can transform your life, bringing harmony.

Date: 03 August 2024

Start Date: 03 August 2024

Start Time: 11:00 am

End Date: 03 August 2024

End Time: 11:00 am

Time: 11:00 am

Admission: €10.

Directions: R93 Y959. From Dublin/Waterford take Exit 4 on M9 motorway and follow signs for Carlow Town. Strawhall Estate is located off Cannery Road, the road which serves Netwatch Cullen Park GAA grounds on the outskirts of Carlow Town close to the Athy Road roundabout. Follow brown tourist signs.

Type of event: This in an indoors event with the opportunity to visit Delta Sensory Gardens before or after the talk. Cafe Thyme serves delicious lunches, tea/coffee and snacks with outdoor dining options also available in the gardens.. A selection of local craft items are available for sale along with a range of plants in the on-site garden centre.

  • About Fiann Ó’Nualláin

    Fiann ÓNualláin is a long-time proponent of gardening for health and wellbeing. A horticultural therapist by profession and a community gardening advocate for over two decades.  He is the author of several bestselling gardening and health books with his most recent released in 2024 52 Proverbs to Fight Depression and Trauma: Irish Holistic Wisdom

    Fiann is a regular on TV3’s Ireland AM to chat about foods and herbs for physical wellbeing and illness management.  Fiann writes a weekly gardening column in the Irish Examiner and blogs about natural cures and practical herbalism at


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